Racism Essay: How to Succeed in This Essay Type?

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A racism essay is one of the most commonly assigned types of academic writing since this topic remains controversial in the modern day. However, when writing essays on such “eternal” problems, one should be aware that it is not enough to provide some basic information and describe the issue in general. To succeed in racism essay writing, it is essential for one to provide an appealing piece of paper that not merely describes the problem but also focuses on strong arguments and credible supporting evidence. Thus, when writing a paper on the topic of racism, you will need to research the topic in-depth, narrow it down, and find reliable sources of information in order to get clear understanding and full comprehension of how the topic relates to the pressing modern-day issues. For example, you may need to provide clear racism essay examples of individuals who are struggling from racism in their lives.
A compelling and well-structured racism paper will provide a thorough and diligent summary of the main problem along with its further impact on the life of a specific person and a community in general. When working on a racism essay, it is essential not only to analyze the problem but also to highlight its significance and provide a call to action on what can be done about it. Specifically, you may focus on the contribution that an individual, community or government can make.

Why Is Racism Still Widespread in the World?

When people talk about racism, the very first picture that comes to their mind is America with its fight against racial discrimination. However, in the majority of cases, one thinks not merely of the 1960s America with its Civil Rights Movement, but of the modern-day powerful America, which, however, is still the country where racism is widely spread. What is also worth mentioning is that when people hear the word “racism,” they think merely of discrimination based on their skin color. Still, racism can be manifested in different ways – not only in relation to the skin color, but also to ethnicity, nationality, and other factors. If you want to delve deeper into the investigation of the racism concept, read on the article.

The Main Types of Racism

What is the origin of racism? In essence, racism is solely based on superstitions, prejudices, generalizations, stereotypes, and other unproved assumptions about a specific category of people who are united by some single principle. One of the principles is a different skin color. Biased groups are also called minority groups as they contain fewer people than the major part. As such, these people are gradually becoming victims of racism and are considered to be inferior in the society.

The following types of racism pertain in the society:

  • Harassment.
  • It refers to a physical or verbal abuse that stems from racial differences. As a result, harassed people can be victims as their property or even themselves may be attacked. Harassment is present in schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, on transport and even at home.

  • Attacks
  • You might have probably come across headings in the news when some people are attacked in the streets, are wounded or even killed just for having the other skin color. Often in such cases, the police can be of no help.

The information provided above may shed more light onto the general problem of racism and it may bring you some ideas what topics you may come up with when you have to submit a paper on racism.

Start with Getting Familiar with Racism Essay Topics

How to start a racism essay? Before you start working on your paper, make sure that you investigate possible topics for an essay on racism. If you want to choose an effective topic, it should be appealing to the readers, it should be up-to-date, and it should fit into your subject area or major. Check on the topicality of the subject that you would like to elaborate: analytical or argumentative topics that were popular and controversial a decade ago may already be outdated. So, try to come up with something related to the modern-day issues.

We have briefly covered the main topics on racism that would be perfect for writing an argumentative, persuasive or analytical essay. Providing attention-grabbing racism essay titles is the main thing that would win attention of your target audience. Besides, the topic also sets the writing tone for the whole paper and specific aspects you would like to focus on. Often by seeing a mere topic, you will even find it clear what conclusion if racism essay you can provide.

Racism Essay Ideas for Your Excellent Paper

  • Relation between ebony poverty and racism.
  • The outcomes of the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Historical background and the main problems encountered in the process of Black Electricity movement.
  • The most prominent figures who tackled racism.
  • Critically analyze whether Malcolm Times was actually a racist.
  • Analyze the Harlem Renaissance period: was it a kind of a rebellious movement in the society?
  • What are the underlying reasons for the spread if Asian American racism in 20th-century America?
  • Aboriginal racism incidences in Australia.
  • Was the fight of women aimed at joining forces effective for the while and the black equally?
  • Do you agree that racism can be claimed responsible for the absence of progress in the society?
  • What led to the creation of Ku Klux Klan?
  • In what ways could the Western European colonialism be the cause of the rapid spreading of racism all over the globe?
  • Is Islamophobia a manifestation of racism?

How to Write Racism Essay?

When you are writing an argumentative essay on the topic of racism, keep in mind that you need to come up with a catchy title that will grab attention of your readers from the very first phrase. A sign of a properly chosen title is that it contains the idea that you will focus on in your racism essay. When you are working on a controversial topic, make sure that you narrow it down and split the overall discussion into separate chapters or paragraphs. Different chunks of information should be presented separately.
When it comes to the tone of writing or the overall style of an argumentative racist paper, try to be convincing. Moreover, you need to provide sufficient evidence to support the arguments you are putting forward. It is essential to provide a catchy racism essay introduction that contains sufficient background information on what topic you focus on.
What is racism essay introduction? It is an opening paragraph that serves a crucial role in the further essay flow. So, make sure you devote ample attention to organizing the introductory paragraph. With its help, you can grasp your readers’ attention and help them get a clear understanding what the paper will focus on. Remember to finish the introduction with a strong thesis statement. Overall, before you start writing a rough draft, develop a racism essay outline before you elaborate the ideas. The outline will help your paper be more consistent and logical.
What is racism essay? Why is it still assigned by professors nowadays? Definitely, this essay type is important as it deals with a burning issue of the modern day as well as of the latest century. It is one of the greatest obstacles that the humankind has to overcome. In your racism paper, you have a perfect opportunity to provide your own arguments on how to tackle the issue. In the racism essay conclusion, you will have to wrap up your argument. Many students ask, “How to end racism essay?” – the answer may be evident and simple, but it is the best way to end the paper – to provide a call to action and some specific steps on how to make people kinder to each other in order to eliminate discrimination.